The Transformation Society

The Transformation Society LogoFor some time now, some of you have heard me speak of The Transformation Society. The idea came when we were talking about The Information Society, and realized that what was needed was not more information, but transformation! Transformation of information into useful knowledge, transformation from aggregation (a collector’s mentality) to diffusion (a community sharing mentality). Transformation from immobility to dynamic flexibility; from habit to exploration; from fixed diplomas to lifelong learning.

Thus was born our new company, dedicated to research, training, and consulting for corporate management, educators, and other society leaders. Our mission is to help people get a jump on complexity, and adapt to the rapidly accelerating rate of change in our digital universe. Transformation is the alchemist’s essential process and we hope to be the philosopher’s stone that catalyzes our clients toward greater success and satisfaction.

The Transformation Society is in the process of incorporating as a French company, and we have bases of operation in Saint Etienne Estréchoux, France, and Barcelona, Spain, and we work anywhere in the world (well, almost…).

We are two co-founders and principal researchers:

For the last two years, we have been collaborating with the Adobe Technical Communication division to produce a variety of different types of content reflecting some of our current interests for research and workshops. A comprehensive set of links will be the next post on this blog.

We have also contributed a chapter on higher education and globalization to a forthcoming book on new voices in education. I’ll post more about it once the book is out.

This year we will be expanding our activities into new areas, and working with new clients. We hope you’ll accompany us on this journey, which is getting us very excited and involved, and generating sleepless nights 😉


About Ray

Ray Gallon is co-founder of The Transformation Society, a research and consulting company, and owner of Culturecom, a company that provides business process improvement through communication. He has over 40 years as a communicator, first as an award-winning radio producer and journalist, then in the technical content industries. His management experience includes a stint as program manager of WNYC-FM, New York City’s public radio station. Ray has always been interested in the meeting point between technology and culture, and has used his broad experience to advantage with companies such as IBM, General Electric Health Care, Alcatel, 3M, and the OECD, as well as in smaller companies and startup enterprises. He has been quoted as saying, “Since the beginning, I have been, paradoxically, communicating and shooting myself in the foot. I find that this combination leads to fascinating outcomes that have made me one of the most fortunate people I know.” Ray is a university lecturer and a speaker at events throughout the world. He has contributed articles and chapters to many books and periodicals and is the editor of the recently published “Language of Technical Communication” (XML Press).
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